Third day, Sunday, March 31, Naples

Where are we now?

The whole day was spent sightseeing and photography.

There are many attractions in Naples that I haven’t looked at right now. I was in the mood for aimless wandering around the old town; I was glad that the weather was finally good and I just wanted to take pictures, the way I like to do.

In the morning I checked what was used here instead of Bolt and Über to book a taxi and ordered a taxi for half past four in the morning. The plane leaves at six and the gate closes at five, and although it seems small, I don’t know the airport, so I prefer to get there before four.

I walked more than 12 kilometers for a total of 5 hours:

I passed through Porta Capuana, one of the surviving gates of the former Neapolitan castle wall.

After coffee and breakfast, I continued to Piazza Dante, named after the famous poet Dante Alighieri (and then he can be seen in a red dress in one of the murals), where there was a market. You can get everything. Do you want an unusable phone or an Aperol bottle turned into a reading lamp? Here’s everything!

I walked through small streets to the museum Palazzo Venezia, which has an inner garden with a café inside.

On the way home, I stroked one of the two skeleton heads in front of the “Church of the Dead” (Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio ad Arc) to see if it would bring good luck, and I ran past a priest singing loudly from the balcony.

Of course, I arrived at the airport unnecessarily early and was back in my apartment by nine in the morning.