Tenth day, Monday, July 3, Bari – First part

Where are we now?

I woke up at eight, exhausted, and headed into town. I started the day with a cappuccino and then walked more than 7 kilometres.

First, I photographed the window of a record store in details; you can read it here why.

Délelőtt 10-kor már 30 fokot mutatott. Szégyenszemre a Mc.Donald’s-ban ebédeltem. Nagyon jól esett a félliter jeges kóla és a nagy kupac túlsózott krumpli a csirkés szendvics mellé.

At 10 in the morning, it was already 30 degrees. To my shame, I had lunch at Mc.Donald’s. The half liter of iced cola and the big pile of oversalted fries with the chicken sandwich were particularly good.

I went to the store and back to the accommodation to survive the heat. Everything is closed between half past two and four, not by chance. There is nothing extra to see in Bari anyway. They don’t have any symbolic building that can be sold as a fridge magnet. The most worth looking at are the well-dressed Italians; to my question, the receptionist at the hotel also admitted that they spend “a lot” of money on their appearance. In the morning, I walked through the downtown area full of shops.