Travel and Run

When I made my little Portugal – Spain – Italy round trip in 2018 I was not smart enough to take my running shoes with me. After spending two weeks in Lisbon, I have arrived in Azores, and I was lucky enough (Thank you Mafalda & Filipe ) to spend 3 months on the island.

There was no question: I had to run on Azores! I bought a few souvenirs and posted them back home to Budapest together with my shoes and bought a quite simple, 26€ worth of running shoes. It was good enough for this trip.

After that I promised myself: no matter where I am going to travel in the future, I will run it!

Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada has surprisingly good roads, everywhere basically no air pollution. The weather is always good, perfect for a run. Although I ran mostly in the city, there are good coast lines almost everywhere!



Porto also was one of the best locations to run. The south bank of the river Duero is perfect to run to the ocean and back. Always cool and fresh air, few runners.




Barcelona was ridiculously hot and humid as I was there in September. Great view, wide spaces.



Rome was a little bit chaotic, but I loved it anyway.



Malta was my home for 3 years, no wonder that I had many favourite routes.  I live in a city called Mosta. From there you can have a perfect 10k route around the old capital Mdina, and a great jump-right-into-the-sea-once-you-finish 8k route to Ghajn Tuffieha.

Swimming in a refreshing turquoise colder sea in the spring or in the autumn after a run is indescribable!



Budapest is my home again since 2018. An afternoon run around Margaret island’s rubberised running route is a must, and a hot summer run at night on the Danube bank is also magical!



Once you are in Athens, you must have a run to the Lycabettus Hill Viewing Area no matter how hot it is! Absolutely worth it!