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Second week

I started my second week on the island. Now lots of the thing seems to be friendlier, then how they were at the beginning. As the job hunting makes no sense in this month, so I can be a tourist, and just enjoying myself for a while…

As you can see, some Maltese residential area looks quite strange:

There are all kinds of boats and ships in the harbour, people sit on the bench every night on the beach and talk. I like that very much.

Here, the cities are conflating, and they close to something we call districts in a capital. My favourite is the high-rise area, overlooking the harbour, where there are embassies from different countries.

Everything is possible in the bay, bathing is not forbidden anywhere, and this applies to the whole island. The only sign you can see is the “No BBQ” sign. These people are crazy for the barbecue.  They do barbecue almost every evening with a grill and a small table, the whole family teams up on the rocks to grab some bite.

Here I met a twin of our dog Stella, I needed to leave behind at home. He is called Ramana (or something similar).

There are many luxury yachts, some sailing from London to this point.

There is not much vegetation, but in the parks they like to cut the trees into squares or to such a column shape like this:

My favorite beach is next to the town of Mellieha. There are a lot of people, but there is room for everyone.

You can walk into the sea for a long time before you cannot reach seabed with your feet and the water is very salty. You hardly have to swim because you are always floating on the water. Everything dries within minutes. It is 34-36 degrees Celsius in the sun, the water can be around 24-25, but farther inside it is already refreshingly cool.

People can have special relationship with the public transportation. It is quite easy to hate, as it is chaotic. The island is so small that only bus lines are operating here, no train, tram, or underground. In the scorching sun it can be very refreshing to escape from the heat into an air-conditioned bus, where the temperature can be under 20-18 C sometimes.

It is feast-season. Various cities get a festive decoration and you hear the fireworks everywhere. Few buildings even get dressed up and get covered with reddish orange flags and zillion lightbulbs. The churches have permanently installed light bulbs on them, shining with tungsten-yellow light all night long.


Here in the city of Mosta the philharmonics are getting ready.

Every town has an own band, and every band has a house where the history of them is exhibited. Some building has a long flagpole with a special lamp at the end which can be lighted with different colour. I heard that the colour somehow indicates what they are celebrating on that week.

Everything is lit up, people eat and drink, and they are truly kind to each other.


Their favorite sweetness is almond nougat, which is available in different flavors. The orange one is unbelievably delicious.