Fourth day, Tuesday, June 27, from Thessaloniki to Kalabaka – First part

Where are we now?

I overslept in the morning, but it wasn’t bad; I was able to leave for the train station at six o’clock.

I bought a few snacks for the trip, and the train left on time. The railway here is operated together with the Italians. There are very comfortable, air-conditioned wagons on this line. Since there were very few of us after a few minutes I sat somewhere other than where my ticket was for, because I wanted to travel against the direction of travel and on the right side. From here, the best view is of Mount Olympus, which we traveled by for a total of 2 hours, stopping at only 4 major places.

In the middle of nowhere, at Palaeofarsalos, you must change to a bus, because the railway leading to Meteora (I think) is being renovated. Thus, after another one-and-a-half-hour bus ride, we arrived at 11:30 with the 7:15 departure in the morning. The bus driver interpreted the concept of the dividing line quite loosely, but he drove very well.