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Manuel Island

I haven’t written about new adventures in a long time, thanks to the fact that I’m already have seen everything on the island. But Manoel Island (actually a peninsula) was closed so far, and got open for general public for a weekend only.At the entrance there is an interesting animal farm where pigeons, ducks, cats, hens live together, and the whole thing looks like a miniature village of Popeye.

You can walk in on the south side of the island and turn slowly. There is Valletta front of you.

After the entrance and a little stair climbing you will find yourself on the main square.

From the connecting wall behind the chapel you can look down on the main square and in the distance theres is Valetta again.


There were exhibitions in the buildings surrounding the main square; mostly from the military period and a about the progress of the renovation project.

Stepping out of the fortress, a flight of stairs leads down to the sea.