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Likes / Dislikes

It is going to be my first month on the island. I can tell by now what I like and what I really do not like.

There is a lot of small, romantic street where walking feels like time travel, I like that. But on those streets which are not located in a touristic area there is tremendous amount of litter on the streets.



Most of the drivers are horrible. But you can see beautiful old-timer cars in perfect condition.

The feasts are fun, but you can forget about the public transport while you have them. There are fireworks day and night and takes a little while you get used to the constant noise.

The tap water is not for drink, you better buy bottled water from the shop. I enjoy cooking. It is quite easy to make a delicious dinner for yourself as every shop is filled with great Italian ingredients. You also can buy frozen octopus if you fancy.

The public transport system is a nightmare and not for everyone… The buses are crowded, the timetables are jokes as the schedules are quite hectic. The bus comes when it comes. That it is. Makes no sense to worry about them. But they have a very good air-conditional systems, which is a real lifesaver sometimes.

Unfortunately, the old buses just for fun, they are not in use anymore as a public transport bus.

Valletta is beautiful, especially in the sunsets.


The sea is awesome and beautiful, the water looks like melted glass.


The people speak English, there are kind, and for some reason crazy for BBQ.