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Fourth week

I visited Blue Grotto, where you can have a 20-30 minutes boat drive in the beautiful light blue sea and see some caves.You are taken in a small boat with 6-8 others and visit caves-like entrances where the sea is ridiculously blue.


I also found my favourite garden on the island called Sant Anton Garden. I this chaotic life right now this is the most peaceful place on Earth. Filled with orange trees, various trees and flowers. Small pond with peacock around it. But what I like most is the honey-like scent everywhere. It is like you would find yourself on another planet.

But now I already have found the best beach as well, called ‘Ghajn Tuffieha’. In a windy weather there are great waves everywhere. There is a small bar on one edge of the beach where you can have a nice glass of wine in the sunset if you wish.