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Popeye Village (Sweethaven Village)

Sweethaven Village, an imaginary fishing village from the 1980 Popeye film, has been operating as a mini-Disneyland since they have done with the filming. If you have not seen the movie, you didn’t lose anything because it’s a two-hour long ordeal. You cannot spend more than two hours in the village either, because it is pretty small.

The 19 buildings were built in June 1979 by 165 workers in seven months. Wood raw materials were shipped from the Netherlands and the shingles from Canada. Eight tons of nails, almost eight thousand gallons of paint were used, and a 75-meter-long breakwater dam protected the village from the tide during filming. The village is now much more colourful than it can be seen in the film.

The best place in the whole village is the cafe and restaurant.

You can learn all about the music of the film in a separate house.

The village has its own cinema where you can watch the full movie.

There is also a small collection of games here, of course, all about Popeye!

The cemetery overlooks the sea.

On the way out, you can leave a few word in this guest-book.

From the opposite rock you can see the whole village.