Fifth day, Wednesday 28 June, Kalabaka

Where are we now?

I woke up at 6 in the morning to find that it was only 18 degrees and there was a “cold” wind, so I went for a run.
2 small portions of Nescafe mixed with cold water, available in the hotel room, give you a shot that makes you wake up even at the thought of it, especially the “taste”. Just to be sure, I popped into the first small shop that seemed open for a Red Bull. Opening hours are not posted anywhere, but it seemed like it was open. An old lady came out from the back of the store, confused and did not understand why she had to earn 1.59 euros with a slide of a bank card at 6:50 in the morning, but capitalism won.

I ran a relative back and forth; I didn’t want to run uphill, nor in a place where there could be stray dogs. There were only stray uncles, but three of them. All three greeted with the same wide smile and four teeth, waved and then waved, indicating: why run if no one is chasing you…

I spent the rest of the day at the hotel, washing clothes, resting, and arranging the accommodation in Corfu and the ferry to Italy. Since I don’t know what time I will get there, I had to find an accommodation that is relatively close to the ferry station. There wasn’t much choice, because there are surprisingly few of them in Corfu town, since everyone goes near the sea parties. That left one option. A little more expensive than I wanted to spend, but it has its own pool.