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Third week

I visited Valletta, the capital of Malta. I have trouble to understand the boundaries of the cities. As the whole country could fit into an average European capital, the Maltese cities are more like districts to me.

Valletta is nearly as small as a castle would be, I do not think that there is more than twenty streets in it. But it is lovely. My favourite places are the gardens. You have a great view from them, diverse vegetation and of course plenty of cats.

At the very end of Valletta you can find Gun Post, an open air bar, with great view and tasty food.

Mdina is probably my second favourite city, which located in the middle of the island. It is also enclosed between high walls and has a gorgeous panoramic view over the northern half of the country. You can lose yourself in the narrow street between these yellow walls, and enjoy the silence as there is no car traffic in this city. It is also called the ‘Silent city’.


From Mdina I went down to the southern edge of the country. You can have a great, long walk at the windy coast, and have that weird experience that you can see across the whole island.

At this point you can see across the whole country! In the distance, there is Valletta!