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Folklore Museum, Gozo

In the middle of last trip to Gozo, I visited the Folk-Art Museum. The whole exhibition was a bit simple and poor, but there were some interesting things as well.

The whole museum is a small zigzag townhouse, with 5-6 levels separated by only a few steps and a couple of basement chambers.

It is a millstone:

Yes, this is a toilet. Although the well inside the house looks almost the same, it does not have such a nice polished edge.

As I have learned, the Maltese also had their own system of units of weight.

… as measured by:

There was no huge industry on the island, but textile production may have been important.

They present old Maltese life with small figurines:

He is a nougat salesman. He only sells almond nougat, but it comes in at least twenty different flavours.

Fishing nets and the like were hung in a hall.

Old painted cabinet:

That says something for the girls, they beat the lace here.

I guess there were not many trees on the islands long ago than now, because children’s toys were also made of stone: