Eighth day, July 1 Saturday, Corfu

Where are we now?

I couldn’t sleep properly, loud tourists arrived at 1am, and instead of wallowing in my own anger, I went for a run.

I wanted to go anyway, but at 5 o’clock. Street lighting is not the best; I went down to the airport between closed warehouse buildings, and from there to yesterday’s bay. It was good to run, but the humidity was always high. After running 9 km, I got back at a quarter to four.

I managed to sleep until 10 in the morning, but not much after that. I spent most of the day in and around the pool, and after packing and cleaning I left the accommodation at 9pm.

I went to the old town and started the walk with a large energy drink. I don’t want to spend the whole trip awake because then my next day will be ruined, but I don’t want to sleep through it all either. After a short walk, I sat on the steps of a church for a while, then at quarter past 12 I set off to find out where to get on the ferry…