Maurice, my mascot

I always had a dream job in my head, working as a graphic designer in the WWF family or at any other green organization, but probably this dream will remain a dream. But today I can say proudly that I also have done something small for the animals: I have adopted Maurice. (How could you not do it?)

I have seen the viral video of, and I was happy to sign their petition instantly, and help this little buddy.


Maurice was brought in to our rehabilitation centre in Java, Indonesia in November 2013. He was part of a huge seizure of more than 200 Sumatran slow lorises that had been confiscated from illegal wildlife traders in Jakarta.

I am completely fine with the online adoption, I know that Maurice has a better place out there. After the adaption I will receive exclusive news about him. The latest news is that he recently got a girlfriend called Malo. (Which is funny, because I have a designed a cartoon-like character a few years ago with the same name, although my Malo is a male creature…)

So that is the latest news about me, the cuteness factor in my virtual graphic studio is just breaking out of the roof. I hope you also going to have a look at, and you will not hesitate a minute to doing the same.