Doors of Malta project

The project started accidentally. At my first photo-shoot in Malta I have noticed that I have around 30 pictures out of 300 about doors. At first I have noticed that in Malta every house has a name. We do not have such a thing in Hungary. Than I have noticed the little religious statues as well next to the doors. We do not have such a thing either.

I like the high-gloss finish of the doors and the rare pastel colours of some as well. I like the fact that the doors colours and the type of the doorknobs produce a high number of variations, so for me it is seems there is no two identical door in Malta. A friend of mine wrote an article about my pictures, she assumed that every door could represent the soul of the owner of the house.

So far I do not see any logic about the locations and the designs of the doors, for me it is seems randomly. Sometimes I can find an interesting piece on one very old house, but sometimes I can find beautiful pieces in a newly renovated part of a city. Once I got an advice from an old lady in Valletta when she have understood what I am after for, and recommended her own green door with a huge doorknob.

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