Third day, Sunday, April 28, Praia da Samoqueira

Where are we now?

Today, after ten hours of sleep and a very good breakfast, we left for Praia da Samoqueira near Porto Covo.

Here, on the wooden stairs, you can go down to the beach next to a small waterfall, where you can look for a windless place in the golden sand between huge rocks. Small bays can be discovered behind rocks up to 5-6 people high.

Different plants find a home in the cave entrance-like rock shelter, some of which hang from above with a meter long.

There were few people, so far only the locals, and the hiking trails on the pilgrimage along the entire coastline rested here, because this is where a 226-kilometer route of the “Rotta Vicentina” that covers the southern part of the country leads.

We found that one of our favorite green colours is the colour of moss growing on the rocks.

We fooled around with the camera, then continued after Mafalda inspected this tip of her country and expressed her satisfaction.

It was time for a coffee at the nearby Porto Covo, but that’s the next story.

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