Second day, Saturday, April 27, Palmela & Praia de Melides

Where are we now?

Our accommodation will be the Octant Hotel for four days, which is in the middle of the area to be explored, in Santiago do Cocem.  Octant means an octagon; this hotel chain has eight members.We went to the hotel by stopping at the ocean at first; previously we bought food and drinks for the trip.

We just stopped in Palmela, we didn’t want to waste much time here, we both wanted to go to the beach.


Mafalda is happy about being the driver

We went to Praia de Melides beach, which is really beautiful.  The weather was windy, but the sun was shining brightly.  The nearby bay has been an environmental protection area and bird watching area since 2010.

You can walk on the beach on a wide wooden pathway, which protects the dunes.  Of course, no one was in the water, it’s too cold for that and the ocean is much colder than, for example, the sea at Malta.  You definitely don’t go into the water here in April in a short.

While Mafalda was reading among the sandbanks, I tried to run, with not much success, on the one hand because the large-grained sand, whether dry or wet, behaves like quicksand, and on the other hand, the sea also caught me, so after 2.44km I had to walk, and that that was awesome as well.


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The coast is endless, in the high wind -as far as the eye can see –  only the waves, the steam created by the waves and the sand can be seen.  It’s a sight you can’t get enough of.  For lunch, a shell from the ocean shore served as spoons.  This makes the shop tabbouleh much tastier, for which we chose spicy hummus, cheese rolls and a strong ginger drink that is hard to drink at first without cursing.

Otherwise, the area is hilly, and you can see horses, cattle and sheep alternately.  And a lot of storks, which was also surprising for me, because storks are famous at my home country, in Hungary, but here you can see dozens in one day, they are everywhere.

In the next episode, you can find out why a windy beach made me think of Pink Floyd…