Fourth day, Monday, April 29, Praia de Monte Clérigo

Where are we now?

We found the authentic oceanfront dinner at the restaurant “O Sargo” in Praia de Monte Clérigo.
The main wall of the restaurant is decorated with a work by Zé Penicheiro, and the importance of this is indicated by the fact that the restaurant’s website is nothing more than the painting itself.

From the 1970s onwards, this self-taught artist dedicated himself exclusively to painting, having exhibited in Portugal and in several other countries, being the author of several public panels and murals in various Portuguese locations.

Although the restaurant was more like a bar with less than 6 tables and it didn’t face the ocean directly but towards the bay, it was still a good experience, and we had a very good dinner. A well feed Mafalda is a very happy Mafalda.

This is also where sunset reached us. We had nearly two hours of driving after dark, and as we drove along smaller roads near farms, we were afraid of being surprised by a large animal that popped out of nowhere, but all we saw were cats and mice.