Fourth day, Monday, April 29, Praia da Baía da Arquinha

We drove through winding roads back to the ocean, to the next stretch of coast, Praia da Baía da Arquinha, which is only 68 kilometres from the accommodation, but through the hilly Paiol area it takes more than an hour.

Especially when Mafalda is so fond of our rental car that we have to stop for a few pictures. We also photographed vineyards, brown cows, huge wind farms.

This is how the cork is being dried:

Praia da Baía da Arquinha is a group of rocks rather than a shore, you can’t go down to the ocean. You can walk along paths lined with purple and yellow wildflowers. The wind here is also cold and strong. The rocks all turned 45 degrees, and this remains typical throughout the west coast. At the foot of the rocks are tire-sized stones that the ocean is already grinding into the shape of pebbles. Even the rocks we walk on have already completely turned over from horizontal sedimentary layers turned into vertical furrows.

Mafalda welcomes all dear readers:

Panorama with a native Portuguese girl:


It was about the time for coffee again in a small town…