Third day, Monday, June 26, Thessaloniki

Where are we now?

I woke up at 4 in the morning, which for my body was 3 in the morning according to Hungarian time.
A futás miatt keltem ilyen korán, mert így csak 23 fokban tettem meg a 12 kilométert. Nem tudtam magam rávenni a hőségben való futásra. Természetesen teljesen egyedül voltam, visszafelé láttam egy-két futót, de itt az emberek még nem kaptak rá a futásra.

I got up so early because of the run because that way I ran the 12 kilometres in 23 Celsius only. I couldn’t bring myself to run in the heat. Of course, I was completely alone; I saw one or two runners on the way back, but here people haven’t got into running yet.

There was a little rest at the southernmost point:

Returning to the hotel, I ate and booked the next accommodation for the Meteoras. Instead of the planned one day, I would rather stay there for 2 days, because I will be arriving around noon and one day won’t be enough for everything. Then I went to the post office to send home the gifts I bought here and the brochure about the city that I had received at the hotel. I made such good use of my new small 20-liter backpack that nothing else could fit in it anymore… After the post office, I set off towards a garden, passing the Rotunda.

The garden in question, as it turned out, is on a hill, but it was so insignificant that I didn’t even go in, but continued walking all the way to St. Pavlov’s Church, from where you can see the whole city.

I noticed on the map that the Heptapyrgion is also here, which, although it means “Fortress of Seven Towers”, actually has ten towers, and once I was here, I continued up. This turned into another walk of almost six kilometers with an ascent of 210 meters. From the gloomy 26 degrees in the morning, it was 32 again by this time.

I went back to the hotel by bus, which dropped me off two street corners from the hotel. Obviously, it would have been easier to go up by bus, not down, but what’s no fun…