Second day, Sunday, June 25, Thessaloniki – Third part

Where are we now?

After the heatwave has passed, I went to the southernmost point of the city, this time by bus.

Bus tickets can be purchased at the traffic office and cost 0.90 euros each. I soon got there and walked along the beach back towards the city center. This part is most similar to the southern part of Budapest’s Pest quay, and there are various leisure parks and bars in the green area next to the shore. Like some kind of ritual, literally the whole city walks here on Sunday. The length of the entire coastline is approx. 5 kilometres. From the White Tower to the parks, there was a flea market and book fair.

I ended the evening with extra sweets and 2 slices of pizza. I didn’t eat it all, I needed something for the next day’s run.