Second day, Sunday, June 25, Thessaloniki – Second part

Where are we now?

I made it back to the White Tower. I visited the two museums yesterday with a combined ticket, the third part of which was here.

I had a very sweet breakfast in front of the tower, but it was very good. It was not recommended that I ask for takeout; they said it’s good for a foreign to stay near to a toilet… But there was no problem 🙂

The tower has exhibitions on every floor; a spiral staircase goes around, the steps of which rise steeply up approx. 5 degrees. Obviously, they achieved a lot of elevation in a smaller place this way, and I think it also helped drain the precipitation. I had to bend down in some places on this staircase. Up there, there is a panoramic view of the sea, the city, and the surrounding mountains.

After buying a fridge magnet, I drank an iced coffee (Freddo) while walking back and spent the afternoon in my room, where I rinsed yesterday’s T-shirts with freshly messed up with the coffee…


Arch of the Roman Emperor Galerius and the Rotunda on Wikipedia