Journey to the Meteoras and beyond

Where are we now?

Since I’ve only been to Greece once so far, I’ve been planning to see other cities besides Athens for a long time. Browsing around Thessaloniki, the second largest city, I ran into Meteora; and as it happened with the trip to the Azores: I only had to look at a few pictures to know that this is also a bucket list destination. There are twenty-four Byzantine monasteries on Meteora, each of which is more than 600 years old – thanks to this, the area has become a very famous place of pilgrimage. Meteora (Greek word) means “floating in the air”. The names of the rocks are not accidental, the peaks are really to be found near the sky.

But since Kalabaka (the small town where the Meteors are) is more than two hundred kilometres from Thessaloniki, it became obvious, that it must be a stop on a longer journey; so, if I’m going there, I’ll try to get the most out of the trip. This is how the itinerary of this trip was born: starting from Thessaloniki, traveling through Meteora to Corfu, then flying back to Budapest from Bari, Italy. Considering that there are long distances between the stops, it was known that the journey would be adventurous.


There will be a train, bus and ferry route.

I went on this trip with a small, 20-liter backpack. I didn’t bring work with me, so I didn’t need a laptop. I only took an iPad with me, which had two purposes: always booking the next accommodation on the web and watching movies before falling asleep. For an adventurous trip, an adventurous book is also needed: David Attenborough’s book “Journeys to the Other Side of the World” became my travel companion.

Of course, I dressed very summery, in addition to a couple of t-shirts, socks and shorts, I also brought a running t-shirt and pants, along with my new running shoes.

Stay tuned…