Fourth day, Tuesday, June 27, Kalabaka – Second part

Where are we now?

After booking the hotel room, after a short confusion, I bought the bus ticket for the Thursday trip to Corfu, but only for the halfway.

There is a direct line only on Wednesdays and Sundays, but it can be done any day with one stop and a separate ferry.

I went up to the monasteries organized by a private company, because the civil servant lady working in the tourist office was quite a jerk with a rare, bored face, and I got bored of her behaviour after the third sentence. On the organized route, tourists are taken around in a minibus for 12-14 people as part of a 5-hour program. The minibus is a luxury small Mercedes bus with air conditioning.

You can visit only one of the twenty-four monasteries from the inside, but I didn’t go inside because there was a crowd, and we got a total of 20 minutes including queuing for tickets. We drove along steep winding roads while a tour guide girl kept telling stories.