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First day in Lisbon

As I wrote, I traveled with only a backpack. Based on preliminary readings, I have selected a backpack that can theoretically be carried at any European airline at no extra charge. That’s true.

I, on the other hand, wasn’t sure about WizzAir’s rules, so I went after where I read that I could also carry an extra hand luggage with me. To the delight of this (so that the backpack does not exceed the 10kg limit) I packed it in two.

Aha…. Priority travellers can pick up two packages, I can’t. So, at the last gate, I was told that I would either fit in a package or pay 75 euros. I wasn’t in the mood for that. Miraculously, I managed to make one from those two packages; I could barely pull around the zipper. My next miracle will be turning water to wine…

Since I got home too late, I was in a hurry as well. As a result, I brought more clothes than I wanted, but managed to leave the flipflop at home.

The first night I slept almost nothing at the accommodation. This is my first time staying in a hostel and I must get used to it. The next day, I drank just one coffee, so I wouldn’t have trouble sleeping. I slept more, but not enough. If it gets very tiring, I’ll have to switch to AirBnB.

In Lisbon, the weather is still cool, it is around 14-16 degrees, if the sun shines, it can be around 20.

The first day I walked all the way downtown and along the riverbank, then from there back to the city center to the accommodation.

We flew over Italy overlooking the Alps.

The WizzAir catalog is currently promoting Malta. There are no coincidences…

From the plane the April 25.e Bridge, named after the ’74 Carnation Revolution’

Three out of ten houses in the city are pale pink.

The buses are like Maltese buses from the inside. Only newer and cleaner.

Walking out of the city center, we get to a pair of columns called “Cais das Colunas”; here you can sit on stairs.


Here on the shore, an old man made statues by stacking painted stones on top of each other.


I also jumped into a market where, of course, everything smelled of fish 🙂

Each street has at least three to four houses adorned with colored tiles, and so far there don’t seem to be two identical patterns.

Sidewalks are everywhere, but drains in parks are also paved with tiny granite (?) stones. This makes the whole city look clearer and cleaner, not like in Catania, where all the sidewalks are soot black due to the lava stone …

Whether it’s the stones that cover the highway or the sidewalk, the grass is making its way everywhere, and thankfully they don’t even try to eradicate it. Love it.

The driveways are decorated with such mosaics.

Since I left without coffee and breakfast, I suddenly had to sit down. I found a small, very cozy park where I took a half hour.

Then I went to the “Edward VII” park next to the accommodation.

Turning from the top of this, you can also see the other side of the river.

Next to the main road of the city center there are colourfull …

and sometimes bizarre buildings.

In a park, roosters, hens, ducks, and a bird species most like turkeys ran around.

To be continued 🙂