Brand re-design for Funside Ltd.

Funside Ltd. is the second biggest Children’s Camps in Hungary, which operates on three location with different sub-brands: Funside Budapest (in the capital), Funside Balaton (at the largest lake in the country) and Funside Austria. There is an extra, 4th sub-brand for organising ad-hoc event for kid called Funside Event. Each sub-brand operates with its own colour scheme.

funsidebrand_table_new_1 brand_table_new_11 brand_table_new-14 brand_table_new_12 brand_table_new-13 brand_table_new_13 brand_table_new-16 brand_table_new_14 brand_table_new-15 brand_table_new_16 brand_table_new_17 brand_table_new_18 brand_table_new_19 namecards scene brochure poster cd_sleeve mug tshirt laptop