Priszcilla Várnagy


CEO & Founder at Be-novative

Thomas has been a great designer and thinker since the start of our brand. Uniquely he creating all brand materials to be timeless, we have been using our logo with great success from first day on for 5 years now. Big thank you, Thomas for the very professional work you we can enjoy the fruits of for a very long time! I would definitely recommend working with him on your brand materials!

Katalin K.


Project Manager at Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research – Directorate for International Relations

Thomas did a precise website development and design work for us, while supporting the process with his proactive personality. It was really nice to work with him!

András Kittka


Founder at Funside

“I have been working with him for over three years on a large number of projects for Funside (including branding, graphic design of all sorts, web design, photography and more) and he has never disappointed. His outstanding ideas and excellent design implementation have significantly shaped Funside’s brand identity to this very day and now I blindly trust him with any design decision.”

Veronika Pintér


BizDev Professional

“An excellent designer who will make your company stand out. Thomas has a deep understanding of brand messaging and corporate identity. I used Thomas’ services several times and I can confidently recommend him to anyone who would like to avoid run-of-the-mill graphic designs.”

Laszlo Fazekas


Account Director
HD GROUP Communications Agency

“I had the pleasure of working on several projects  with Thomas, and he always perfectly fulfilled what was expected of him. He works well in a team and fits in easily in a creative group. His friendly personality helps to communicate  easily and effectively with colleagues in within agencies.

I especially I like that he always plays an active part in meetings. He is very proactive and adds a lot of unique ideas to the creative process. Given his experience he is familiar with every step of a project, and he understands the process well and is an excellent partner to any project leader.”

Csaba Bundik


CETA Consulting

“I highly recommend Tamas as a graphic/web designer and online communication expert.”

Ivailo Anguelov


Founder at

“Extremely talented and resourceful. Excellent work ethics. Created company logo (TARGETHUB.NET) that skyrocketed our business. Intend to use Tamas as a fist choice for all of our future design projects!”

Laszlo Robert Zsiros


Founder at

“I have been working with Mr. Fodor at various projects in the past where he provided the graphic design, branding and website programming. Not only does he work reliably but he also tunes to my ideas very rapidly which makes collaboration running very smoothly. His constructive criticism and professional advice provides me constantly with valuable feedback. I’m highly satisfied with his work and I would strongly recommend him to potential partners.”

Viktor Adorján


Motorsport communicator, consultant
Dension Audio Systems

“I believe, it is worth to work with people who have clear views about the direction they are taking. With Tamás (Thomas), you can always expect that he understands the task and develops ideas that he can stand by. He has great ability to turn even poorly defined ideas into great creative solutions. His holistic approach to design and art enables him to deliver top class work on various platforms by adapting to the formats and also to the needs of his clients. His diligency and solution-oriented approach makes him a professional that you can count and he also has a good sense of humor which can be quite valuable sometimes.”

Anne L.


Marketing & Communications Manager,
Dods Parliamentary

“Tamas (Thomas ) and I worked on a number of projects where his designing skills where needed for web and print (logos, brochures, branding, etc.). I was always impressed by the quality of the work he delivered, which often exceeded my expectations. I also appreciated his flexibility and the fact that he was able to work quickly and efficiently for me, despite having several other projects on the line. I find his designs very creative and well thought out. Tamas (Thomas )  is a star designer!”

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