Few days ago I had a quite annoying experience with my web-hosting company. The interesting part that they have a very good customer care system, but there was something still missing.

They use the usual ticket system, and I got a copy of every reply via email as well. Every mail contents a photo about the person I got the message from, and a smiling and a sad smiley face I am supposed to click on to indicate my current state of satisfaction. This two things uses 40% of the left side of the mail, which is fine on desktop computer, but nightmare on mobile.

Within one conversation I might be get connected with 3-4 different person. The company thinks that time is the most important factor in my disappointment, so the first person who sees my current message on screen have to reply to me (regarding the company policy I guess).

I just purchased a one year package at this company, I found them via Google and it has been told on several sites that they are the best hosting company in Europe. They offer a 45 days money back guarantee which is also a good sign. I was around day 32. You can choose between locations where do you like to have your site hosted all around the world, not just Europe. I chooses Amsterdam over London.

The problem

This server had a breakdown three times in one month. Only one of these was previously announced by an email, which might landed in my spam folder. At the last one I really got angry, because I knew something is not normal.

It is turned out someone updated the kernel on a live (!) server daytime (!). I am not a server administrator professional, but I know that these are the definite two NOs when you host a server.

I had two choices: use the 45 day money back guarantee and forget the company or migrate it to another server of theirs, let say London. As currently I do not really have the time and patience for another domain and site transfer, I gave the company another chance with choosing the migration to the London server. I secretly hoped that the company somehow will see my good intention even in my nightmare and do not make me pay extra for the migration.

Here comes the beautiful part

hostMe, being pissed off about the breakdowns and Me, starting to ask about the migration’s cost is (at least) meant two different ticket for the system. In no more than one and a half hour I have already had the lovely experience to get introduced by 8 (!) different people: Cole D., Florin M., Dorin D., Florin B., Sorin F., Dragos B., Sergey S., Laurey M. .As you can imagine, after approximately 15 messages I already have a lovely collection of profile pictures in my mailbox. I am sure that all of them are lovely people and we could be a fantastic geeky friend in real life, but I just do not care about your photo when I am pissed off.

I think you can tell by now how many times I have clicked on the happy/sad smile faces. Not even once… (Figure out my mood by yourself!) At the end I have made the company realize that it is not fair to charge me for the migration after all.


I hope that someday there will be a more intelligent customer care system which can track the frequency of the new tickets and replies, see the correlation of my tickets, will look for the content of my replies and understand the tone of my communication. Doing all this for one thing: understand my story, and report to (only) one person.

I was a customer spending more than an hour front of my computer screen. On my side I had a story what made me sad. On the company screen I was Mr. VHRL-07698 + MRSP-88222 + FBCD-51865. When I am angry I do not need a company which is trying to be friendly with me. I have no time for it, and I am not interested.

I need a company which understands Me.




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